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4 Ways To Perk Up Your Bathroom Remodeling Makeover

4 Ways To Perk Up Your Bathroom Remodeling Makeover

The most common health factor that individuals face daily is stress. Stress can take over your life, and have you feeling unhealthy and sick often. A good way to try and reduce stress is by changing up your home’s space with bathroom remodeling Los Angeles. By building a relaxing bathroom area, you can enjoy long hot baths, upgraded showers, bigger spaces, and more! Green Design Home Services, your bathroom renovation specialists, are here to tell you 5 ways to change it up!

What’s Trending with Bathroom Renovations

  • Big open shower space. Let’s face it, who enjoys a small and narrow shower? Creating one with bigger stepping space and more room for all of your products will maximize comfort. Our team can build you a beautiful custom bench inside your shower for even more comfort. Along with this, we suggest having two shower heads, to make it feel more luxurious. The possibilities are endless!


  • Building a big vanity with double sinks. If you have a big family, having two sinks in your bathroom instead of one is much more convenient. This can save you time every morning while getting ready for work or school, without fussing and fighting. Larger vanities also allow for more room to store your items and necessities, without your bathroom feeling overcrowded and cramped.


  • Large open windows that are energy efficient. Letting the light shine through in your bathroom is both relaxing and rewarding. Dark bathrooms with little light can seem to be more chaotic. Having energy efficient windows can add natural temperatures to your bathroom space, so you do not feel too hot or too cold. Plus, they are energy efficient so you will be saving money on energy bills.


  • Have you considered a steam shower? This is like a miniature sauna space in your own bathroom! Doing steam showers several times per week or even everyday is healthy for your body, and very relaxing. This will help you unwind after a long day, and heal you mentally and physically!


Green Design Home Services is ready to start your next bathroom remodeling Los Angeles! Give our specialists a call today to get started on your free consultation.