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Roof Damage: Do You Need A Replacement

Many homeowners deal with the same problem every year… roof damage. Are you unfamiliar with the warning signs? Depending on the circumstances of yours, you may need a roof replacement company to come out and install you a new one. In this post, Green Design [...]

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Roof Leaks? Consider A Roof Replacement

If you are constantly experiencing leaks in your roof throughout the year, it may be time to consider an affordable roof replacement. Sure, it may seem like a costly upgrade, but it could be saving you more money than to get your roof leaks patched [...]

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Do I Need A Roof Replacement?

It is very common, in which many homeowners are unaware that their roofs may be falling apart. Usually, there are no warning signs until it gets worse, or unless someone checks out your roof for maintenance. If your home is over ten years old, chances [...]

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