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Home Remodeling: It’s All About Energy Efficiency

Home Remodeling: It’s All About Energy Efficiency

There are many things that are trending in 2017 with our home remodeling company, Green Design Home Services. In regards to energy efficient homes, more and more properties throughout Southern California have made the switch to efficient upgrades. Want to find out all the possible ways to be energy efficient? Continue reading to find out!

Energy Efficient Home Trends


To be in the trend with energy efficient upgrades is a great trend to be involved in. Eventually, our goal is to make most homes in Southern California more “green” because of all the benefits it gives off. Let’s start with some of the ways you can change your property, and how Green Design Home Services can help you.



  • Revamping Windows & Doors. This is a must after 10+years! If your home was built that long ago and did not get a renovation, chances are your windows and doors are most likely not energy efficient. This can have you wasting money every month on energy bills. If your bills are very high and you are confused as to why they are, this may the one of the main reasons. Revamping windows and doors is simple– we will replace your existing ones with brand new ones! They will be sealed extremely tight so that no outside air can get through. You could be naturally comfortable with your home’s air temperature without even resulting to the HVAC system for extra comfort. Plus- it is safer to have these windows and doors because it is harder to break through them.
  • Adding Insulation. There is never such thing as too much insulation. Insulation is an excellent way to be more energy efficient and keep your home cool. You can insulate many parts of your property, such as the roof, attic, walls, floor, etc. Are you unsure of where your home needs insulation? This is where our specialists come in to give you an inspection and tell you what you need!
  • LED Lights. We love LED lights because they are ten times brighter than normal lights! And, they last much longer, and conserve much more energy. Our team can offer you top quality LED lights that come in several different color schemes for you to select from. From white tones to more yellow tones, the choice is yours!



There are many more ways to upgrade your property to an energy efficient home. Call our home remodeling company today for a FREE consultation!