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Kitchen Remodeling: Have You Thought Of The Sinks?

Kitchen Remodeling: Have You Thought Of The Sinks?

When obtaining a house remodeling project, your kitchen sinks are something that should not be overlooked! Green Design Home Services emphasises to our clients the importance of selecting the right sinks for your home, because that can make a big difference. Continue reading to find out some of the tips we give our clients, and what WE think make up good sinks.

How To Select The Perfect Kitchen Sinks


We first tell our clients to take a look at your kitchen space, or the kitchen that you are designing. After you analyze your space, think of what type of sinks would match best. Oftentimes, we see kitchens with sinks that either do not match, or are too small or too big, leaving homeowners feeling stressed out.


The first tip to selecting the best one is: thinking of the shape. How big do you want yours to be, and how big do you NEED it to be? Do you wash your dishes by hand, or do you use the dishwasher? Do you have a big family, who cook in the kitchen often? Or, do you live alone or with a roommate who don’t spend very much time at home? These are all important questions to ask yourself before making a decision. There are many different shapes of sinks, such as rectangular deep sinks, shallow low sinks, etc.


The second tip we can give you is to decide the quality of the sink. Of course, we always suggest going with the best quality sink, because it will last you much longer than one that is cheaper. Scratches, banging, dents, and stains can all happen within a sink, but having one with more protection can help support this and refrain it from happening as often.


The last tip we will provide you with is deciding how many sinks you need. Most people nowadays need more than one sink, either for cooking different things, or just for it’s look. Having two sinks can make it super convenient for you to feel more comfortable. Plus, when you have guests over for dinner you can stash away all the dirty dishes in the other sink, out of plain sight.


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