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Modernizing Your Kitchen Remodel

Modernizing Your Kitchen Remodel

Are you in desire to make your kitchen look more modern? Modern-style homes have been trending over the last few years, and is a popular aesthetic look. Green Design Home Services, a modern kitchen company, is here to help transform your kitchen into this type of style. In this post, we will cover 4 different ways that modernness can take a toll on your kitchen remodel Los Angeles.


4 Kitchen Remodel Updates


The first way to remodel your kitchen to make it more modern is by switching your countertops to marble or quartz. Going for that simple and chic white marble look will automatically give your kitchen a more modernized look. Whites and greys are appropriate for this style, and having these in the countertops will already make a difference. Marble and quartz look absolutely stunning and elegant in any type of kitchen, and go well with any color interior walls you select.


The second way to get your space to be more modern is through brass or copper details. For example, your cabinet and drawer handles could be copper or brass, which will give it a more rustic look. This goes the same for your kitchen faucets, and maybe even your pots and pans. Giving your white kitchen those copper or brass aesthetics will automatically give it the modern touch. Plus, these special colors give your space that finishing touch it needs if it looks plain.


The third way is to add major LED lights. Modern homes are normally very bright with their lighting. Switching to LED lights will give your home more appeal as your guests walk in. Also, these special lights are energy efficient, so it will save you more money on your energy bills. The best part about LED lights is that you can pick your shade of color and brightness. This way, you are not limited to colors like you would be with regular light bulbs. It is always better to have more brightness in your home, and with these special energy efficient upgrades, it is possible.


Lastly, adding more pull out cabinets in your kitchen that look more modernized can really bring it to full swing. This is a great benefit because you will always have more room for storage essentials such as extra plates and dishware, baking supplies, herbs and spices, snacks, etc. With more storage space, there will never be a situation where you run out of room for your kitchen items. However you want to design these storage cabinets, our team of modern kitchen company will be able to do this for you.


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