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Revamp That Old Master Bathroom

Revamp That Old Master Bathroom

Your master bedroom/bath should be your home’s getaway sanctuary. Most of the times, these rooms are the biggest in the house, and deserve a lot of creative planning. If you think it’s time for a Master Bathroom Renovation, Green Design Home Services is your go- to bathroom remodeling company! In this blog post, we will share with you some creative master bathroom renovation ideas that our clients love.


4 Great Master Bath Renovation Ideas


The first idea for your new bathroom remodel is to add a luxurious bathtub in the center. Not only will this help give your bathroom more detail and proper aesthetic, but it will benefit you too. Enjoy an hour or two of quiet time every night after a long day of work in your beautiful bath. This is actually great for stress relief, anxiety, and a place to find some piece of mind. The best part of this bathroom feature is that you can pick any style tub you wish for. With many colors and designs to pick from, your new bathtub will be calling your name!


Next, you should consider having two separate “his and hers” vanities or a larger two-sink vanity if you only have a single. Not only does this look better for your bathroom, but it is extremely convenient. No longer will you have to fight over sharing the same sink and one hogging up too much time/space. Having separate sinks will give you more privacy, and allow you to get ready before work quickly and efficiently. We all can experience a time where someone is taking up too much time in the bathroom getting ready. This can be extremely frustrating and annoying, especially when you are running late to work, errands, the gym, etc.


The third upgrade for your master bathroom could be LED lights. Let’s face it, no one really enjoys having a dimmed bathroom, where it is hard to see. Whether you are putting your makeup on, doing your daily skincare routine, blow drying your hair, etc., bright lights are always necessary in a bathroom space. Our team can install as many LED lights as you wish, and you can pick the brightness/ colors as well.


Lastly, having a shower with two shower heads and enough room is probably the best part of a new bathroom remodel. These shower heads can even have special features to turn into a steam area, so you can do that before or after your shower to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This large shower area can be installed to maximize your comfort. We know how stressful it can be to enjoy a relaxing shower in a tight and cramped space; Now you don’t have to!
Green Design Home Services is ready to give you the most beautiful master bathroom renovation. From any to all of your wants, desires, and needs, we can help create them for your home! Call our bathroom remodeling company today for a free consultation!