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Roof Damage: Do You Need A Replacement

Roof Damage: Do You Need A Replacement

Many homeowners deal with the same problem every year… roof damage. Are you unfamiliar with the warning signs? Depending on the circumstances of yours, you may need a roof replacement company to come out and install you a new one. In this post, Green Design Home Services will help you detect the warning signs of a damaged roof, and see if we can perform a roof repair service and save it! Keep reading to find out the most common warning signs.


The 3 Main Warning Signs


The first sign to inspect for on your roof is if your gutters are clogged. Don’t panic- this is a very common issue that can be easily fixed. But, if not taken care of, water can begin to leak into your ceilings and into your home. Because of natural conditions such as heavy winds, storms, hail, etc., materials end up building and piling up into your gutters. Cleaning them at least twice a year will refrain them from getting clogged. If neglected, you may be experiencing small leaks in different areas of your home. It may seem simple to clean your gutters yourself, but it could be a very dangerous thing to take on if you do not have experience. Our team needs a special ladder that is high enough to reach your gutters, and we have special materials and tools to clean them out properly.


The next warning sign is if your shingles are curling. Shingles should not curl, and if they are then this is a sign that there is some damage done to your roof. They need and require your uttermost attention as soon as possible, so you can try to save your roof from a replacement. This can happen from all different reasons, one being that your roof is old, and two from direct sunlight exposure. The more they curl, the more likely they are to fall off. A specialist will need to come by to determine if you can repair the shingles or need to replace them with new ones.


Third, if there are leaks coming into your home– big or small. Having leaks from your ceilings and walls may be a bad sign of roof damage. If this happens, you will need to call our specialists right away to assist you. The longer you wait, the more damage can be done to your home. For the meantime, we suggest placing a big bucket under the area of the leak to soak up the water. This will refrain it from dripping on your floors or damaging your valuable furniture and items.


For a free consultation on roof repair services, call Green Design Home Services! Our roof replacement company will schedule an appointment with you.