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Bathroom Renovation Ideas & Designs

Bathroom Renovation Ideas & Designs

When it comes to a bathroom renovation, being creative is a big perk. This will determine the look of your bathroom space, and will reflect the outcome of your home. A bathroom is extremely important in one’s home, as it brings attentive detail. Keep reading this post from our general remodeling specialists to find out how to spice up your bathroom space.

Fun & Innovative Ideas

Take a look at your bathroom space and see what is missing. Is it too small? Is your shower and tub updated? How about your counter tops and sinks? All of these things are very important to consider, as they can make your home go up in great value. If you decide to sell in the future, you can get a good return on investment. Here are some things to add to your bathroom that will be more appealing:

  1. You can add a beautiful skylight to the ceiling. This will not only give your new bathroom space more light, but will make it look more open. Skylights give a unique look to any ceiling, and can also add value to your home because of its attentive detail.
  2. You can get creative with your counter tops and sinks: Having your sinks come out of your counter tops such as bowls and unique faucets can give your bathroom a beautiful look. You can match this with quartz counter tops, or a beautiful marble. If you currently have just one sink and a small vanity, adding an extra sink and more counter top space will not only give you much more comfort but give you more space. Your bathroom will look less cluttered and more organized this way.
  3. Adding cabinets on top of your sink will allow you to store products and items that you don’t necessarily want out in the open in your bathroom. Toothpaste, medications, hygienic products and more should be stored away and hidden to make your bathroom look classy.
  4. Extending your shower and tubs are also a big priority for more bathroom space and comfort. Our team at Green Design Home Services can add additional space if desired to your bathroom to make it even bigger and easier to walk around in.


There are many different ideas involved when having a bathroom renovation. Our experts at Green Design Home Services are here to help you build your dream bathroom. Call us today for a free consultation!