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Flooring: Matching The Right Floors To Your Interior Space

Flooring: Matching The Right Floors To Your Interior Space

Although there are many types of beautiful flooring installation options to choose from, selecting the right ones are very important. You may think that you could do any type of floor in any room, which you can, but having knowledge about what to do and what not to do can save you in future situations. Green Design Home Services, a flooring company Los Angeles is here to educate you on this:

Types Of Floors

  1. Flooring For Bathrooms:

–  One main problem with bathrooms is that they contain a lot of moisture. Because we take showers daily, run hot bubble baths, use the bathroom sinks to wash our hands and brush out teeth, etc., this space will always find a way to trap moisture. Having wood flooring in your bathroom may not be as susceptible to moisture as you think. We suggest going with tile, concrete, or ceramic floorings. These types can handle moisture and will not rot because of this over the years.

  1. Flooring For Kitchens:
  • Since you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, floors can get dirty often. Our team suggests going with hardwood floors or tile for this space, because they are easy to clean/maintain, and they look great. The best part is that you can select from a wide variety of styles of both woods and tiles. Because you need to be careful with wood, running a light rag over it several times a month will let is shine and look new.
  1. Bedroom floors:
  • Because your bedroom is supposed to be your cozy and comfortable place to relax and binge watch your recorded shows, homeowners prefer using carpet floors. Carpet floors give your room an even temperature throughout the season transitions, and are great to walk on. Our team has a big selection of styles and types for you to choose from.


If you are in need of flooring installations for your home, give our specialists at Green Design Home Services a call today for a free consultation!