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Switching To Wood Floors Are Good For Health Purposes

Switching To Wood Floors Are Good For Health Purposes

Aside from the beautiful look that hardwood flooring installations bring to any home or property, they also have a lot of great benefits, one being that they are healthier to breathe. In this blog post, our team of specialists at Green Design Home Services will share with you what we think are great floor installations Los Angeles, and why wood is a good option to go with.

Why To Choose Wood

While there are still many homes today that contain all carpet flooring, most have already made the transition to switch to wood, tile or marble floors instead. Yes, we know that carpet looks good and feels very comfortable, giving your home more warmth and an inviting look. But, if you have a house with small children, it may be a good suggestion to switch out the carpet for wood or marble, to ensure that they are breathing better quality air.

Wood floors do not contain as much dust, dirt, allergens, and harmful substances that other floorings might have. With carpet floors, it may be hard to see all of the dirt and pollutants that are trapped inside of it. Sometimes even running a vacuum over carpets don’t necessarily get it all out too. With wood, you can see clearly everything that is on your floor, so you can always be on top of it and keep them clean. Running a wet rag over your wood floors at least once a week and sweeping dust will instantly improve the air quality in your home, and have the aroma becoming less stuffy as well.

At Green Design Home Services, we use only top quality materials and the best hardwood floors. With a wide variety of different styles and colors to choose from, you will be able to select from only the best options. Because floors are very important and make up a big portion of a home, keeping them clean and making sure they are of top quality is something we take seriously for our clients. If you have a household with small children, having them breathe fresh air should be one of your biggest priorities, and starting with wood floors can help you achieve this.


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