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Building From Scratch Can Be More Efficient

Building From Scratch Can Be More Efficient

We all want to try and do everything we can to be more green and conserve for our environment. Also as equally important, switching to energy efficient solutions can save you a lot of money to your pocket. Green Design Home Services, a general remodeling company, is here to tell you all of the simple ways your new construction can make a difference.

How You Benefit From Energy Efficient Upgrades

The first simple upgrade to make your property more energy efficient is to switch all of your light bulbs to LED lights. Our team has a professional electric team that can do this for you. There are several great benefits of LED lights for your home. First, they are much brighter and more vivid than regular bulbs, which will give your home more liveliness and feel more open. Next, these special lights come in different colors, so you have some options to pick from. They mostly come in shades of yellows and whites, and you can select your brightness. Lastly, they do not waste nearly as much electricity as regular light bulbs do. Therefore, you do not need to feel as bad with leaving them on for longer periods of time.

The second rewarding energy efficient upgrade is to add more insulation in areas that it is necessary in. These areas include: your attic, ceilings, floors, walls, etc. It is important to insulate these areas as it reduces cool air and hot air when you want the opposite. It allows for more natural air temperature to flow in through your home, and have you feeling a lot more comfortable with the air inside your home. This way, you do not need to use your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air condition system as often as you would without insulation.

Another energy efficient upgrade for your home is to revamp your windows and doors. If you build your home from the ground up, it will already come with revamped windows and doors from Green Design Home Services. When you tightly seal them, this blocks outside air from entering your home. It is also much safer for security purposes to have them properly sealed.

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