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It’s Officially Summer- Is Your Backyard Ready?

It’s Officially Summer- Is Your Backyard Ready?

It is now summer time- but it is still not too late to get your last minute landscaping work done by Green Design Home Services. Swimming pool installations are desired by many homeowners- especially those residing in the Southern California heat. Comfortable custom patio installations are also desired, in order to complete the look of your backyard space. In this blog, our team of professionals will explain the benefits of both, and why to have them built before summer is over!

Swimming Pool Benefits

A pool is always a great idea. Not to mention, it adds excessive detail to your backyard space, so it does not look dull or plain. The best part of the in-ground swimming pool process is that you get to design it however you want. Think of it as your own little work of art- something that you

created from scratch. Our design team will help you through every aspect of the process, but we will let you take control of all the attentive details, if you wish! From choosing the right colors, to tile designs and patterns, the choice is yours!

Aside from your new pool’s stunning beauty, it will give your home much more value if you decide to sell it in the future.  Since most homeowners would rather move straight into a home that already has a beautiful pool built for them, your home will be desired much more than one without a pool, meaning you can sell it for more money. This will give you something to show off to potential buyers, family, and your friends.

Lastly, a swimming pool is great for your family members, who can cool off after a hot summer day. Your children can have fun all summer long, and you do not have to worry about occupying them too much while they are out of school and on break. This can also give you a chance to invite friends over for some fun in the sun.

Patio Installation Benefits

Patios are great for all sorts of things. Did we mention that they complete the overall look of your backyard space? You can decide on how to customize it however you want, and our design team will be there to help you with the process.

Patios are great for lounging with a hot cup of coffee in the morning, unwinding and relaxing after a long day at work in the evening, or just to spend quality time with friends and family. You can add any accessories you like to your new patio space to spice things up and add more color/details.

For a free consultation on swimming pool installations and patio installations, give our specialists a call today!