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Make the Most Of Your Small Bathroom Space

Make the Most Of Your Small Bathroom Space

Many homes come equipped with several bathrooms, and one of them may be relatively small. While you might think that there is no hope for renovating this small space, you are wrong. At Green Design Home Services, a general remodeling company, we believe that no job is too small. In this post, we will share with you some stunning bathroom renovation ideas for small spaces to work with!

Innovative Ideas For Your Bathroom

The first suggestion from our team of professionals is to paint your bathroom’s interior a light color. The smaller your space, the more claustrophobic it may be if you go with a dark obnoxious color. Selecting a more neutral and subtle color such as light grey, tan, light yellow, or even white can allow for a more open-looking space for this room. Plus, you can go with more bold decor due to the relaxed wall paint you have chosen.

Next, removing your oversized sinks and going with a simple bowl sink will give your bathroom attentive detail and character. Not to mention- these sinks are attractive and trending with many homes in Southern California. This type of sink is also a space saver- meaning that you can have room for more installations with this and it will not clog up most of the space. You can even have this build from the wall, so a vanity with counter tops may not be necessary if your bathroom is fairly small.

Building a bathtub and shower in one is a great game changer for small bathroom spaces. This will allow for your family members and guests to take baths, and/or showers as they please. We can build for you rain shower heads to give your shower time maximum relaxation and comfort. If there is enough room, our team can install glass doors around it to give it a more fancy look, but that will all depend on your open space.

Our team can make anything happen for small bathroom renovations. Just remember, we build whatever you dream of and make it possible for your home. Our goal is to satisfy all of our clients needs, so call us today to schedule a free consultation!