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Our Exterior Painting Services

Our Exterior Painting Services

When remodeling a home, or starting from scratch, getting a fresh exterior paint job is definitely recommended. This will give your home that new look it has been longing for, while boosting curb appeal in your neighborhood. Green Design Home Services have many years of experience with exterior paint services LA, so we know how to make your home look beautiful.

How Do I Choose The Right Colors?

This is a very commonly asked question by many of our clients, and homeowners in general. The best advice that we can give you is to really think about what colors you want, and have at least two options that we can test our on the exterior of your home. Making sure that the colors of your exterior match the whole look of your home will ensure curb appeal.

There are several popular shades of exterior paint colors that homeowners love, because they are trending. Some of these colors include shades of grey, whites and tan, yellow, dark blues, and even red. These colors all stand out, and you can get creative with them. Grey colored paints go great with modern style homes, as well as whites. Since modern homes have a unique look, the color of the outside should stay simple and elegant. For country style homes and contemporary, reds, dark blues, and tans are all great in favor. Many people also love the Spanish-style home look. You can mainly find these homes to be of white shades and yellow shades.

The best part about Green Design Home Services is that we are experienced professional painters with many years of training. We can provide you with the best quality paints that will last your home for many years to come. Also, we can help guide you through this process that may seem stressful to you at first, so that you will be able to enjoy the decision making part. Our specialists are waiting to paint your perfect home. Call us today for a free consultation on exterior paint services LA.