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Most Popular Kitchen Counter tops To Consider

Most Popular Kitchen Counter tops To Consider

The marble counter tops in your kitchen space say a lot about it’s personality and features. This is what stands out when guests and family members walk through your door, and our general remodeling team wants to ensure that they are very impressed. With your new kitchen renovation, there are several main counter top styles to consider.

Types Of Counter Tops

The first counter top style that homeowners love to have in their kitchen is granite. This is popular because of all the color and style options they come in. From lights to darks, the choice is yours. You can select dark greens, dark greys, or transition into light cream colors and white. People not only choose granite tops for its looks, but also because they do not go down in value. Granite counter tops can always give you a good return on investment if you decide to sell your home in the future. It is also very safe and heat resistant, so you do not have to worry about burning the granite tops if you accidentally place a hot boiling pan on it.

The second style counter top that is very popular is marble. Marble has a chic and classy style, that goes well with any type of home look. Used mostly in traditional and modern style homes, these counter tops are drop dead gorgeous. The main reason people want these counter tops is obviously for their classic look. Other than that, they are completely resistant to heat, they are strong and can handle heavy items, and they stay cool in warm temperatures. You do not need to worry about banging things on your marble, because they are very strong and can take the power.


Lastly, there are quartz counter tops which are the most highly desired for kitchens. They come in a lot more colors and styles than marble and granite do, which is easier for people to work with. It is extremely durable, and you do not have to worry about chipping away of quartz from your beautiful kitchen. Because a lot of things are going on in the kitchen when you cook, you may not realize that you can be staining your counter tops with sauces, spices, juice, etc. Luckily, quartz are susceptible to stains!


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