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Room Additions: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Room Additions: Avoid These Common Mistakes

You have officially decided to add a room addition to your home, or extend a current one bigger. Congratulations! Now what? Sometimes homeowners jump the gun and try to get this done as quickly as possible and take the easy route, which can wind them up with an unpleasant project. Luckily, Green Design Home Services has many years of experience with room addition services, so we can share with you some common mistakes we see among homeowners. Keep reading this blog post to check them out:

The first common mistake homeowners make when deciding to get a room addition is they try to take on the project by themselves, or a handyman, including building. Because individuals do everything to save money, doing their own room renovations seems like part of the plan. What you don’t know is that you may actually be spending more money on expensive materials and tools because they do not have the professional experience to know which materials work best. Also, they can wind up in a lot of stress from the project due to all the hard work it takes to complete it. Getting up to code with regulations is also something that you may find difficult to work with. There are many downsides of taking on this project yourself or hiring a handyman. Luckily. Green Design Home Services knows exactly how to build you the perfect space for an affordable price.

Next, it is important to really take time to decide what you want. Sometimes we experience homeowners that are too eager to get a room addition done that they rush into it without thinking things through. Knowing exactly what type of space you want your room addition to be is very important. For example, do you need a guest room in your home for people who want to stay over? Do you want to add a fitness room so you can workout while working from home? How about a family room to watch tv, play games, and spend quality time together? These are things to consider BEFORE getting the room addition done, so we can tailor to that specific room.

Lastly, we see some homeowners rushing into a project without deciding exactly how big they want their space to be. Measurements are key- and that is what our team of professionals will assist you with. Knowing how big your space will be exactly will give us a better idea of where to place things, how big we can go on details, and more.

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